Interesting STNE option activity

Ha, yeah I know. I’m only jesting

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The beauty of the internet is that you can always find an article to back up your beliefs :sunglasses:

Source:- an article found on Stocktwits that links to Motley Fool, so it’s pretty credible

Well I recommend going away and not checking it for a while, if you can :slight_smile: not worth stressing over. But motley fool is not a lone in recommending this stock, there has not been any drastic event to cause this, so the best explanation is ■■■■ happens, i guess…

edit ugh… did the forum just censored that :point_up:

Price targets are still at acceptable levels.

Analyst Firm Analyst Name Action Rating Action Price Prior Price Target
New Street Research Initiates Coverage On Neutral Announces 0.00 82.00
Citigroup Gabriel Gusan Downgrades BuyNeutral 0.00 0.00
HSBC Neha Agarwala Upgrades HoldBuy Announces 0.00 85.00
Credit Suisse Daniel Federle Upgrades NeutralOutperform Raises 31.00 100.00
B of A Securities Mario Pierry Reiterates Neutral Raises 61.00 68.00
Susquehanna James Friedman Upgrades NeutralPositive Raises 50.00 68.00
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That 0.00 from Citigroup is really bringin the average down, huh? :wink:

I also find sh!t works. :smiley:

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I love it also when MF has articles within days on a stock both for and against lol, also when you see someone say something is their ‘top buy for a long term hold’, then at bottom it says ‘XXXXX doesnt own any shares in this company’ lol Its so odd when their Podcasts are good but their website clickbait.

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That’s the problem with letting others post articles in your space.

it’s debatable if their podcasts or rulebreakers etc are useful or not. I’ve seen the debate in other threads, and that’s why I haven’t touched MF and I don’t want to dive into that bottemless hole in this thread as well :sweat_smile:

my personal opinion, motley fool, zacks insider monkey etc all full of garbage. do they have useful things inside? probably yes, but the broken clock twice a day adage

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Yep, what I meant is some of the people on the podcast like Jason Mozer, Jim Ghillies, Matt Frankel etc give some good overviews and insights. I see it like a news show for US stocks, also if I hear about new stocks I then do my own research. Like BBC or other news, its a tool to use not to believe or rely on. The articles on MF people post are rubbish though.

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I was just saying earlier I don’t envy Matt Frankel, he has the most boring segment on IF. He does a good enough job though. I like Moser, Sharma and Feroldi though.

DG on westudybillionaires is a recommended listen if you have a spare 30-40 mins.