Intu: On the brink?

It appears that KPMG are ready as administrators, if loan repayment negotiations prove to be unsuccessful.

I’m long on the stock, averaging around 4p. A gamble, no less. Maybe just too tempting from the price, just twelve months ago.

What are your thoughts? Final nail in the coffin or a threat to lenders, showing what could easily happen if they stand firm and don’t negotiate?

They’re a big deal, and could affect a lot of other retailers. Imagine if they are liquidated and all of the retail debts are called in.

I feel that a deal being reached is still quite remote because their business model is incredibly unsustainable.

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That’s certainly the way in which I see things happening. The price has taken a massive hit, today. By no means, it is not a case of being too large or valuable to allow it to fail, but the impact on retailers would be huge.

If was to come to some sort of deal not going to be much more than the price now ? Or u reckon good little gamble?