INTU stock glitch?

I bought it at 5.2
It went up to 5.5
I thought ok profit time :slight_smile:

It still showed 0%
I kept being logged out! On iPhone and iMac!

I pressed sell
I made no profit. The deal just vanished.
I don’t understand
Very strange

I tried to buy it again
Got rejected


@SHDWBXR Were you looking at the chart price or sell price? The chart price is BUY (ask) price by default - that’s the price to look at when buying.

When you’re looking to sell, the SELL (bid) price is relevant, which was 5.5 - that’s why the result didn’t show a profit.

I wanted to buy at 5.2 and sell at 5.5
I’m sure I set my limit to 5.2
and Stop to 5.5
That should have worked?

I set up the Buy using Stop Limit hours before. I got the notification for buy but nothing for the automatic sell i has set up!

I had to manually press sell.

Everything was going awry

Also lost £5 in stamp duty :confused:

@SHDWBXR The target price of your pending order was 5.5 & the SELL price when you hit the market order was 5.5, everything seems okay.

Ok so I must have made a typo error

Do you have any idea why the system kept signing me out? On both my iMac and iPhone?