Invest & ISA - Account Funding Conditions Update

I mean, as equal as pre-brexit?

Anyone know if the app shows how much of the £2,000 free-deposit limit a client has left? I’m struggling to find it. If not, that would be a handy addition.

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If you click on the button to fund your account, you have the message about the limit. If you click on the 2000 euro word, it will tell you the balance


So it does, thank you!

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Any updates on this? I still cant see this option.

It would really be helpful if I could use my balance to feed into my pie rather than card!

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This is great news for us EU folks. Any (very) rough ETA on this? Basically, should I keep using my debit card for the next few weeks or hold off a bit?


I also don’t understand why it is not possible to fund autoinvest from accounts funds. That should be easy to implement and would reduce the cost of funding in most cases a little bit

…and it is implemented on practice account since beginning