Investment not appearing in Portfolio to sell

I’m new to Trading 212 and investing, so this might be a stupid question.

I bought a tiny fractional share of Tesla(0.001) to test the app and figure how it works. The order was filled on the 28th.

I now want to sell that tiny fractional share for a tiny profit as a test. To do this it seems I should open my portfolio (the pie chart symbol on the mobile app) and it will display all the companies I’ve invested in. Instead of displaying my investment so I can see selling options, it says “Your investments will appear here” implying I don’t have any.

Does anybody know what’s going on here? Is there another way to sell my tiny fractional share. How can I access my Portfolio on the trading 212 website?


this maybe has something to do with the tesla stock split, check your free funds as all fractional shares of tesla have been sold due to the split

@Igoe I’ve sent you a DM with clarifications on the matter. Please check .