Investors living in The Netherlands

There is no box 3 this year, as it has been ruled illegal, so you won’t be taxed on it.

For better accounting, you still have to fill it up truthfully.

And indeed, you add each countries in which you paid some withholding taxes, as well as how much.
This year they also ask for the dividend amount being paid, but no idea if they mean gross or after withholding tax. I filled gross :person_shrugging:

Edit: to find how much, you need to get from the history section the report of your account for the whole year. Then filter transaction for dividend, as well as the first two ISIN character (country code), and convert everything to euro.

Also, your balance declared is the one on 1st od January, 2021.

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Currently i am waiting for more then 2 weeks for dividend to be paid to me for Dutch stock.

However for German dividend this is done within 3 working days.

What experience do you have with Dutch stock dividend payment?

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Depends on the stock mostly, not on the country for me.

Bigger companies i tend to receive the same day/within 2 days, some smaller companies can take a little longer. But no correlation with the country of issuance.

Out of curiosity, which stock is that, ASML?

The only Dutch stock I am currently holding is Randstad. I get divs usually a day after the official pay date. Just as any other share.

Half the time i get my ING dividend faster here than on my ING account :joy:


Maybe not the best timing, but already looking forward… Is there any way to simply know my position at the beginning and end of the year?

That’s a piece of information that other brokers (like Degiro) usually provide. Even if I have all the list of transactions along the year, not knowing what my position was at 1st of Jan does not help much?

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Maybe a late question, but how the dividend belasting works is still not clear to me. Especially that I own stocks from a variety of countries (Netherlands, US, UK, France). How does this work when you do the belasting aangifte? Do you get a statement from trading212? Or do you need to fill in the received dividends per country you received it from? Thanks!

I always filled it in per country

Hi I am not getting any clarity from T212 to about my questions, they remain vague about it, so this is my last stop to try getting it all clear. My question is what do they mean exactly the following example on my annual tax statement:

Annual statements shows:
Net dividends 100 euro

  • Tax withheld 10 euro

This “Tax withheld” is this

  1. tax withheld by T212 UK company (foreign tax)

  2. or is this withheld Dutch dividend tax?

For the dutch folks around here I am curious about your experiences. An answer is much appreciated, I need to know this for my income tax return.

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Number 2, so fill it in and you’ll get it back

I have the exact same question. When filing my taxes, I’m unsure where to input the dividend amounts and the taxes withheld. Should I put everything into ‘Withheld Dutch dividend tax,’ or is this designation only for Dutch companies? For instance, I hold stocks domiciled in the US, various EU countries, Canada, and Ireland. Do I include the withheld dividend tax in the box labeled “Are foreign taxes withheld”? It’s confusing because I’ve tried both methods, and the withheld dividend tax is only refunded when placed into the “Withheld Dutch dividend tax” category. Moreover, transactions from US/Canadian domiciled companies show the withheld amount in USD. Does this mean it’s withheld at the source or for the Belastingdienst? Everything concerning filing tax returns when receiving dividends seems vague.

Dividends Received

Good afternoon,

I’ll keep the question as concise as I can.

In your cash balance you can see a distinction between funds held in banks and funds held in QMMFs “How we hold your EUR/USD/…”

As the Dutch tax laws distinguish between investments (QMMFs qualify as an investment) and bank deposits (which are taxed more favorably) I would like to know if one can put down the cash balance held in banks in T212 as a bank deposit on ones tax return.

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