Invitations / Voting at AGMs and Special Meetings

When is T212 going to facilitate the invitations / attendance / voting at AGMs / Special Meetings for shares in your holdings?

You can already vote. I’ve done that a few times.

I’ll keep it to the thread @Hedgehog it makes no sense to swap to DM.

You get an email, you follow the steps and vote.


Hi, I’ve never received an invite to an AGM for my T212 holdings? So what am I missing?

Hi, we are doing our best to offer as many voting events as possible. Anytime we are able to offer one for which you are eligible, we will provide you with a control number so you can participate.

I’ve never yet received an email invitation, and using an example of a large company CCL (Carnival Cruise Lines), which I would have expected T212 to support and be able to offer the invitations.