iOS 14 widget support

Sorry to disappoint you, but nothing has changed since the last update.

Appreciate the suggestion :pray: I’ll let you know if we start working on such a feature.

Is there any reason why it has been sidelined? Like is it just that T212 isn’t interested in doing it or, is there a concrete list of what has been prioritised over it?

If T212 is •not• interested in doing it, I would much rather just be told “we don’t care to implement this and will retire the widgets entirely when old-style widgets are killed off by Apple” rather than “coming eventually” or “within our plans” since 2021. We’re closer to 2024 now. It’s truly beggar’s belief.

I would also encourage T212 to consider that Widgets are now available on macOS Sonoma and that would surely be an equally good idea and of great use to customers.

Image attached: macOS Sonoma (Nutmeg UK (robo investment) and others) view of widgets.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 15.54.37

I get your point. However, our efforts over the past several months have been focused on implementing daily interest on shares & multi-currency accounts.

Hi guys, I’m a mobile engineer based in Romania and a big fan of Trading 212. Cheers to everyone :beers:

Since I discovered the API, widgets have been my first thought, and now is the perfect time to use my skills and build a little application around them :slight_smile:

So, for my first MVP I’m thinking of building some basic widget functionality for the lock screen and home screen (iPhone and iPad), with support for macOS and watchOS.

The design is still a work in progress, and I want to make it accessible and support dark mode.

The next step on the roadmap will be support for the portfolio, both pies and open positions.

All the feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


Love this! If you need a beta tester, maybe post it to TestFlight?

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Bumping this topic. Widgets, widgets, widgets!

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Come on guys. you delivered so many great features in 2023!
Give us the widget in early 2024!

I’ll check if there’s any news and will let you know.

Glad you like them :raised_hands:

I heard you all. You can now find Widgets 212 on the App Store. It’s free, enjoy!