iOS app not in store any more [✅Solved]

What’s going on? The app was removed in the US store which is the one I use even though I’m U.K. based.

It’s also no longer in the U.K. store and it’s asking me to update which I can’t! So the app is now not usable?!?!

I have the same issue

Due to external factors (App Store requirements), we had to remove our app from some of the markets where our service are not available, like in the US. Thus the reason why you see the notification above.

The easiest way to have this sorted is to delete your current app, and then you should adjust the region of your App Store account, e.g. the app will be available again to you if you select the UK from the “Country/Region” tab. You’ll be able later on to download the latest available version.

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That screenshot is the from the U.K. store!

Ok. You need to change your instructions the app must be DELETED first and then you can “get” it from the U.K. store. You can’t upgrade it or you get the message above even from the U.K. store

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