Is NIO inc worth investing?

No one can accurately predict what may happen. Investing in Nio is a bet, high risk and high reward.

If you are new I would suggest that you invest in ETFs, that track indices such as the S&P 500, Eurostoxx500, FTSE All-World, etc.

Also, if you are a UK resident it is probably preferably to invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA as that is tax-free. Research it online and you will see. Unfortunately though, Nio is not available in an ISA.

Whatever you do, if you do decide to invest into individual stocks then please diversify to reduce risks.

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I’m thinking about retirement. I dont think state pension will be here when I retire because companies are doing pensions for employees. I would like an income from dividends if things work out and u have more money to put in the pot.

They don’t manufacture their own vehicles so I find it hard to want to invest in a car company that doesn’t even make them

Have you researched the company at all?? It’s concept is unbelievable and when Elon Musk (Tesla) starts talking about NIO’s share price compared to his own companies well… you gotta ask yourself, why? Answer: he knows they are his competitors in more ways than one.

NIO is my biggest holder and I am continually adding more of it to my various portfolios and have allocated more % of the company to all my pies as it’s quite possibly the investment of my lifetime.

A lot of crap being talked out there with the HYPE/FOMO/FUD but, just look at its stats, it’s services and, it’s position in the world.


Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust hold it so it’s good enough for me to hold some as a speculative play.

NIO is a STRONG BUY for long-term investors. Don’t think about the future in days & weeks, think in quarters & years. Give enough time to multiply your investment. Tesla’s annual deliveries are just little more than 11 times of NIO, but NIO has been leading in many other areas. Predicting NIO first sedan with autonomous driving will have LiDAR technology.

◇NIO is already leading in Luxury Electric SUV sales in the biggest market for more than a year consecutively.

◇NIO’s fit and finish is very competitive even for German rivals.

◇NIO is leading the innovation in EV battery swap technology.

◇NIO OS 2.0 is an “iF” award winning software.

◇NIO is leading the industry when it comes to in car AI Assistant.

◇NIO’s sales growth story is exponential & Consistent throughout the year.

◇NIO is the leading partner of Mobileye’s Robotaxi roll out program.

◇NIO wins 2nd place in INNOVATION, while Tesla ranking 12th.

◇150kW Battery pack in the pipeline.

◇NIO will be launching it’s 4th model which is it’s first sedan just in it’s 3rd year while it took a decade for Tesla.

◇European launch could be much sooner than many expect.

If EV companies are going to be valued like Tech companies then valuation is all about INNOVATION not just sales & balance sheet. History has taught us if a tech company is less innovative than the competition then competitors will take over. I’ve said this in the past, Most likely Tesla won’t lead autonomous driving even though it could be first one to launch the autonomous driving car. Companies that use LiDAR will have technological advantage in Robotaxi world.

NIO with Nomi + Battery Swap + Mobileye + Robotaxi = Money machine

Those who have no idea about NIO will tell you 1000 stories, just sit and do your own research.
If you believe in NIO then BUY & HOLD. Keep some spare cash to buy at the dips. Trying to sell at high and buy at low is gambling. Statistically most gamblers don’t win. Yes there are several other strategies but not every strategy work for an average investor.


Don’t forget it’s NIO day this coming Saturday so, expect an upwards price appreciation on the hype of it alone. Easy money :slight_smile:


Not enough rocket emojis in that statement for me.


Thanks, sure. I like the info. Have you considered Moderna or BioNtech as well?

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Hold both at minute in pies :slight_smile:

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I dont have alot of money to invest in stocks so I have to invest in what I can but atm with NIO I’ve stuck it in a pie and see whats happens. I haven’t really branched out at looked at other stock as I’m new. But I’m always into new ideas and like to research first before putting money in like I have done for Ishare global clean energy. Can you tell me more about Moderna and BioNtech ?

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How many times did you say nio in that?
Are you sure you think nio is a buy?
You don’t seem convinced to me, maybe you should add some more nios
Tesla is already way ahead in autonomy but I’m not surprised nio is using this as its usp though given its hope of tesla style stardom.

When they start making there own cars they might even be compared to other “car manufacturers” but for now…

Who manufactures for them? Sincere question.

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NIO decided two years ago now not to build themselves and instead use JAC Motors to build for them. Nothing at all wrong with that in my eyes. Look deeper into what they are doing. Do you really believe the institutional investors are wrong? Jeez even Goldman Sachs said they where wrong :see_no_evil:

Have a read

I think it will be short lived purely on the basis that all Chinese goods will be mud to the vast majority foreign buyers after the war.

Russia had great ideas and products but as soon as the war was over no one would buy them.
Same scenario with Japan it took decades before there industry was accepted again

China is the biggest market to buy their cars lol

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Yeah, I think NIO is worth the risk in the long term

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China has 1.5 billion people and a government that can easily pass new laws to make them patronize their local owned companies, I think they won’t rely on foreign sales that much

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Have you seen the qaulity of the cars?? They are unbelievable!! They put Tesla’s to shame with the detail

If it’s not a worldwide brand then how will they justify the valuation? Tesla is reaching out to the globe, I just don’t see a Chinese car manufacturer doing that.
The quality of Japanese cars was the best in the world but because of japan’s wartime views and methods it took decades before foreigners would by them.
The same will happen with nio under the CCP and the domestic only market does not justify the growth your all expecting.