ISA Equity Tick

Hello T212 Technical,
I hope you will find and read this FEATURE.

Option 1:
When a user search for an equity(stock) in T212, if such equity is available in ISA, there should be a corresponding TICK at the side of such equity, this will allow a user to make a pre-informed decision of purchase in ISA or INV.

At the current, a user search for an equity in Investment account, the equity is available, then the user will have to switch to ISA account to search again, then the same equity is not available, user switch back to Investment account to buy.
Next equity is repeated, imagine switching back and forth for 100 equity ?

Option 2:
If a user search for an equity(shares or if you call it stock) there should be a BUY ISA , BUY INV (only if such equity is available in both ISA and INV), therefore a user that click BUY ISA will have the equity appear in his or her ISA account(if enough money in ISA to buy).
If the user click BUY INV(if enough money in INV), the equity should appear in his or her Investment account.

Thank you.


Or, considering that the Invest and ISA are separate accounts with no crossover…

search in ISA and if it’s not there, then buy in the Invest account?

1 platform, 3 separate accounts.

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I will have to do that for 100 equities, is that a joke, its just a simple code needed by T212 coders to display a TICK if the equity is available in both INV and ISA, i found out that FRACTIONAL SHARE INDICATOR in T212 settings is similar to what am saying.

In the meantime, you could double check the ISA criteria on hmrc website. Very strong chances are if your instrument is not an ADR and is not traded on OTC Markets then it will be in ISA.

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I appreciate your comment, but I believe such improvement will make T212 to be excellently outstanding, it will make buying equities easier and faster for all of us.

Hello Trading 212,
Many thanks for taking our post into consideration for the benefit of all Investors.

Now we can see NON-ISA-OTC-Market when we search for stock, this makes my life easy because i will not need to go and search ISA again , its clearly written NON-ISA(if search in INV).

This is a plus for you guys

for helping we your customers and listening to us, Many thanks T212.



that’s cool, you can also now search for ‘non-isa’ to find all the non-isa stocks, not sure why but maybe this is handy for someone.


Also, could highlight ETFs which are distributing or accumulated @Team212

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