Ishares clean energy ETF

absolutely since investing few months ago, im up 32%

This is on the iShares website under the Performance tab.

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Many thanks @Richard.W for taking the time to look and post. The page seems to be displaying awkwardly on my iPhone and cuts off the table on the performance tab, as far as I can see.

Positive that the div date falls in line with other iShares distributions though.

Great to see INRG growing the dividend each year also. With a strong forward outlook for growth of its holdings and a small dividend to go along with it… unlike most threads on here, I can’t see many arguing that this one isn’t a winner long term :sunglasses:

Click below where it says View full table, and add custom columns if you like.

Thanks again, adding the custom column to add payment date works on iPhone. I wonder why they would omit this column and have you have to edit it to show the payment date. Strange on their behalf. Must be so they have a tidy webpage on mobile devices.

Many thanks for your help :+1:

At what point would people take profits from an ETF like this given strong growth this year? Is it likely to rise and rise given global interest in all things low carbon? Too soon to think about?

Ive taken some profit already to put into other stocks.

I am curious to know how the components of INRG are selected. Its benchmark is S&P Global Clean Energy Index.

designed to measure the performance of 30 companies from around the world that are involved in clean energy-related businesses, comprising a diversified mix of clean energy production and clean energy equipment and technology companies.

What I cannot find on the S&P website is any explanation of how those 30 companies and their weightings are chosen. If anyone understands this I would be helped to have it explained.

One thing that puzzles me is why this ETF does not contain a holding in NextEra Energy, which is the world’s largest clean energy utility. The index is 30 companies, whereas INRG is 105 companies. Another puzzle.

I have similar question about all the iShares thematic/megatrends ETFs. How are components and weighting of ECAR, RBOD, HEAL, etc selected? Is on the basis of ESG scores? Are they weighted according to market cap? [obviously not, since RBOD weights SNAP 1 and APPL 10]. Each of these has some quoted index, RBOD = STOXX Global Automation & Robotics Index, but when I look up that index I am none-the-wiser as to how the components of that index were selected.