Issue with Revolut wire deposit

Has anyone had trouble with wire deposits from Revolut lately?

I’ve been using this method to deposit regurarly for the past several months and the amount was credited to my account within 1-3 days.

My last deposit from May 15 has not been credited to date. T212 customer support (very responsive) was not able to locate any deposits.

I’ve submitted the bank statement and I’m waiting for a resolution, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else had problems with this.

Last transaction was made on 5th May, went through in single day.

I had 1 rare transaction from Revolut take between 4-5 days…

If it’s an ISA account then you need to agree with the ISA terms for 2020/2021

Happened to me

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I just made wire transaction, will let you know once it lands.

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Thank you, but it’s not an ISA

Thank you, I hope it does

It landed same moment I clicked history transactions. Lol:)

Anyway 2h21min since executed from Revolut account it landed.

For the past 6 months+ it used to be like that for me too…
But this last transaction didn’t get through and I don’t know what to do besides waiting for customer support…