Issues with Pie holdings not matching investments tab


This seems quite recent but is anyone seeing a different return between individual stocks in your pies compared to the return showing on the investments tab in ISA?

This is particularly showing with Alibaba and Boeing

This is already known:

In an ISA?
I thought CGT was an invest platform charge?

I think this may actually be a bug needing looked into. I don’t know how it’s happened but it is definitely wrong and needs looked into.

Alibaba in my pie

Alibaba on my investments holdings

It’s not Capital Gains, it is the 0.5% Stamp Duty, which is also paid within an ISA.
As far as I understand it applies to all LSE stocks except those on AIM.

I don’t think it should affect Alibaba though (or any other non-UK listed stocks) which seems to be your issue.

That’s how I understand it too, so maybe there is some other bug at work. @George is this the same stamp duty issue or have we found something else?

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I think I can confidently say this isn’t a stamp duty or CGT issue as it hasn’t happened with any other stocks, except from what I can see just now Alibaba and Boeing but that was just a quick check.

If it helps with investigating though, I changed the percentages on these holdings in pie and Rebalanced, it may have caused some display bug.

Just to add this is happening with quite a few.
I think this needs looked into. @George @David

Here are a few more, check mastercard and apple

I only have them in one pie. Here’s the investments screen for Apple

And Mastercard…

Is anyone else noticing these differences?

We will investigate. The screenshots are very helpful! :slight_smile:


Hi George,

I’m just thinking here but as I changed the percentages in the pie for some holdings and then Rebalanced, I have £1.25 in spare cash…

Could it be that some of the Alibaba, Mastercard, Apple (Stocks that are showing different in pie holdings tab vs investments tab) are partly sitting in spare cash?.. Is that possible? I.e not sold off yet

No, the cash value represents free cash only.

I worked this out and I have mentioned it before in the autoinvest feedback.

It’s because you may have bought shares in a company, then also bought some in a pie. Then when you sell the shares manually, it uses the average price of both manually purchased and pie purchased shares, to work out the new return on investment. Whereas when you look at the investment from the pie, it only shows the return from those shares that the pie bought.

That might be a terrible explanation but it’s what’s causing the problem. If the Trading212 team needs me to explain again the I will try! My link is below and I provided a few screenshots which should be useful.


This sounds like the exact same issue. I did have previous stocks in they companies and it seems to have muddled the results coming from the Pie/Investments tabs, pretty confusing too.

Yeah if you click on the instrument, it shows total return from all shares, whereas when you look at it through the pie, it only shows return from the shares bought or sold within the pie itself. So I guess it depends on how you count your “return” as both are correct.