Join the waitlist to open a new account

This really helps me appreciate T212 accepted me as a customer in 2020.


Happy cake day! Might as well celebrate something!

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Congrats for your year in our exclusive club.

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Is there any update on this from anybody at Trading212?
Even a rough timescale at this point would at least let people know where we stand.

Over a year to increase capacity seems a bit excessive.


Is there any news to open UK accounts?


Next Monday, 14th of February, we’ll resume the onboarding in Trading 212 UK. We’ll be working through the waitlist due to the high demand - please bear with us.


Great news - thanks for the update :grin:

@Tony.V Tony is in the mood for Valentine’s presents, could you top up with say one feature from " Most Wanted Features Poll 2022


Thanks Tony, looking forward to joining when I get the chance :slight_smile:

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In fact, I can :smiley: - we launched the new withdrawal flow a few days ago. We’ll create a separate post about it so that we don’t mix the topics :person_shrugging:


Great news! Hopefully this will end the YouTube FUD that started to escalate last year and got a lot of users worried.


unlikely, as long as FUD leads to cash incentives for the people spouting it, it will continue to occur. if not for Reason A, it will be the fault of Reason B or C et cetera.

@Tony.V @Team212 that’s great news. Can’t wait to see T212 grow and get bigger each year. One day I’m hoping for all the world market’s but I know that’s miles off. Congratulations again, only been with 212 for around 2.5 years but looking forward to many more.


Tomorrow’s gonna be a lucky day for some folks.

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Here’s a question.

If I’ve joined the wait list with my old email address (which I do still have access to), can I still sign up with a new email address, or would I have to wait until my new address is reached within the list?

Or would I need to sign up with my old address and then change it afterwards?

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You’ll have to use the email registered on the waitlist (i.e. the old email, as you mentioned). You can change the email to a different one once the account is activated.


Ok no problem, thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

When the post is gonna be available to read?

@jjrapy Here you have it:

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Thanks Tony!! I’ll take a look at that.