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Thank you for your reply. If you cannot tell a date, the magnitude of waiting time for registration is more probably in months or years?

@Tony.V @Michael.P @L.D Dear Tony,
I am british I signed up account 9 months back and traded in invest account. Few days back I closed account permanently. I was away. Now can you reactivate my account if I request as I can see new account are paused. Kindly reply asap. Thank You

We cannot reactivate it, I’m afraid. You’ll have to sign up all over once we resume the onboarding.

Hello my brother is currently on a waiting list. Is there any time frame we should expect? He just can’t wait to open an account with Trading 212.

It’s been a month. Will onboarding resumes like normal this week or what is ETA

@jazz143 My answer below is still relevant:

I cannot provide you with an ETA.

@Tony.V i am sure you have considered it already, but if it helps you could ask live trading members if they still need the practice accounts to free up some capacity. I certainly dont need mine.

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I edited my original post, but FYI:

In regards to the referrals: the waitlist is associated with the referral link. As such, your referral will be automatically assigned to your link if he joined the waiting list through it.

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Your platform froze for 3 minutes at US market open. Just now, glad you are not taking new people until your servers can at least keep up with current demand.

@TraderJoe We didn’t experience any issues at all. Possibly you’re referring to the GME trading halt? If so, that’s beyond our scope.


wow, just 3 minutes? compared to the old 30 and 15minute issues I heard of maybe I am missing what the concern is?

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There was no GME halt at open, first one at 9:33:39.

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Hi Tony, do you have a timeframe for the IF verification to be completed? Its now nearly a month since I have submitted all my documents.

They said no ETA a few posts above.

Hopefully things reach a new normal shortly, and they can continue the onboarding process again.

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what you think in Februrary?

February’s unlikely now given we’re at the end and they noted no ETA yesterday. Nothing wrong with setting high expectations though!

At least they should let the people who registered and are not interested anymore to drop out of the queue, this would help clear the queue faster


This is an interesting case of explosive growth (for which I congratulate the t212 team), I do wonder how much of the registration process is automated, it shouldn’t be a computing power problem, the server capacity to process some registration requests is minimal. I think the way things worked until now a human manually checked all data and documents and possibly this is still going and without the intention to update this process manually approving so much data is practically impossible. There must be hundreds of thousands of join requests in queue. If there is no intention to upgrade the process or hire more people (which is ineffective long-term) this is an ugly situation.

With the highest interest ever in search queries for “trading212” at the end of january when the gme saga began it makes you wonder how many of these new requests are not valid, there must be thousands of people who were interested in opening an account for a brief time in late january-early february and when they couldn’t, they probably switched to a different broker and do not seek to open and use a t212 account. Meanwhile, users that want to use the platform and register today are much more likely to have valid requests and the intention to actually use the platform .

It’s a difficult spot for trading212, inaction also leads to effects on future growth and the way you treat your future customers today has an impact tommorow