Join the waitlist to open a new account

This is not related to GME, they still have a lot of new accounts to process and when that is over as it is explained above the registration will be opened again

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Anybody’s activated account for sale? I could find buyers. :upside_down_face:

£10,000 and you got a deal :wink:

Maybe it’s part of the ploy to keep the platform ‘closed’

There is no incentive for any platform to facilitate the ease of customers exiting sadly.

Of course there is incentive. It is a two way street. In the case of Trading 212 the inflows by in specie transform are likely to exceed outflows.

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Once you have signed up for the waiting list roughly how long will it take untill you are able to open an account?

When Trading 212 will offer Referral Promotion (free share) for onboarding Portuguese new investors?

There are a lot of Portuguese that can be your investors.

Good point, was stuck on the exiting point.

@Tony.V Dear Tony my friend wants to sign up. He is UAE resident but born in Pakistan. Can he? Kindly open platform asap

What is the current processing speed, 500 accounts per day? Can you give us an ETA for opening again like “in 6/7/8/x months your friends can make accounts again here”?

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Hello all / T212,

I wanted to open an account for my girlfriend today and i noticed its not possible at the moment due big increase in new accounts.
My question is, if anyone knows, how long is this queue normally? There was no message stating if it would take 1/2 days or months which is really strange.

Thank you in advance.

As they said in a different post, they had up to 30k new accounts per day, that is huge, it may take them months to process this. At least they can tell the users that are waiting an ETA, or if they should move to a different broker

@Tony.V kindly provide ETA as people waiting since 1 month. Thank You

Sorry to disappoint you, however, I don’t have any updates yet. The whole matter is summarized below:

Thank you for your reply. If you cannot tell a date, the magnitude of waiting time for registration is more probably in months or years?

@Tony.V @Michael.P @L.D Dear Tony,
I am british I signed up account 9 months back and traded in invest account. Few days back I closed account permanently. I was away. Now can you reactivate my account if I request as I can see new account are paused. Kindly reply asap. Thank You

We cannot reactivate it, I’m afraid. You’ll have to sign up all over once we resume the onboarding.

Hello my brother is currently on a waiting list. Is there any time frame we should expect? He just can’t wait to open an account with Trading 212.

It’s been a month. Will onboarding resumes like normal this week or what is ETA