Kodal Minerals price not updated since 12th June

Kodal Minerals share price hasn’t been updated from last Friday

@Hadders3 During the regular session, we haven’t received any news ASK (BUY) prices. Please, keep in mind that unlike other sources & brokers, we don’t use the last trade price but rather the BUY price.

Quite illiquid stock, trying to sell 0.5M shares but there is no one willing to buy xD

Sorry I didn’t mean the price hasn’t changed but the fact that it’s not showing any info since last friday. If I’ve misunderstood your reply then apologies

Not only that it is quite iliquid, but it depends on the price that you are willing to sell for :slight_smile:. It depends on what you think is a fair price to sell at and what buyers think is a fair price to buy at :smiley:.

Just sold my 0.5M shares with market order, should have done it about two weeks ago? When the price was better, but just needed to move money to other investments. Still about 100% gains so nothing to complain

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Many would be chuffed with that.
Looking at the price history since 2014 I´d say that you have done a very good deal :smiley:.

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