Kodal & Tissue not updating

I have shares bought in both Kodal minerals & Tissue Regenix group, however the share price charts have stopped updating for them and now neither buy or sell orders are going through

Tissue is showing the chart stopped @ close on May 26th while Kodal has been stopped since close on May 20th

It is showing the same on both the desktop website and mobile app, however both companies are still active on the stock market

Anyone else having this problem?

Kodal is rather illiquid stock not too many trades per day (I have some shares on my own)

I get the stock is quiet, however even if there are no trades the share price timeline should at least keep up to the current time, suggesting their stocks aren’t currently being tracked by 212.

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I also had this issue with TRX this morning but everything seems to be fine now and my trade has been executed. Is it working your end now too?

@DPM Most sources usually display the last trade source, we use the BUY (ASK) price, that’s by default. There hasn’t been a new ask (different than 0.04) in quite a while.

Thanks for the clarification David, Tissue has just updated itself but Kodal is still the same, however no orders have been executing during this time - do orders only go through when there are changes to the asking price?

I’m having the same trouble with TRX. Was able to buy yesterday but the tracker is not updating.

@David @Team212 have our provider made some adjustment to Kodal stock? It’s displayed as a dream at the moment, first time I can see real valid data for them <3

Quick question to those who possess shares in KOD. How far it can go at the moment and do you have any thoughts about Bougouni project?

Share price is now bouncing around like a yo-yo and my orders still won’t process through.
So I can’t buy when it’s quiet and I can’t buy when it’s busy?

I’ve now missed out on a sizable profit because orders take days/weeks to go through … Not a good look for a trading platform

I bought in at 0.03 in April after updates about Bougouni project. It wasn’t hard to buy at that time, should be easier now with volume over 700M instead of 40M

I also originally bought in at 0.03 with a very small amount at the end of April, and it went through ok.
Since then I’ve had over 60 attempted orders in the past month to buy larger amounts and almost every time the orders sit pending for days before I either get sick of waiting and cancel it or the share price increases and the transaction cancels itself.

I’ve had 1 other order that managed to go through for a larger amount of shares @ 0.04 on May 19th, but I’ve had several attempts to buy very large amounts of shares around 0.03-0.04 which just never went through and it’s now costing me significantly … which is annoying.

Same here. Waiting for my Value order of precise sum of money to go through. Placed it before midnight yesterday. Very strange as volume of trades is definitely up

So you’ve been using limit orders to buy those? When I tried to buy with limit it never went through only market orders been completed in my case