Lazy journalism

Yea im looking onward just from an eagle eyed perspective and saw that the CEO sold a ton of shares prior to the IPO, around the $10 mark.

Granted have not followed too closely.

My opinion can be found above, and just to clarify I have to date never owned Nikola or Tesla shares :smiley:.

I can see Nikolaยดs idea and I like it, but the price is ridiculous. Considering that the market price of a company that has never sold a car and whoยดs reservations are โ€œfreeโ€ is the same as the price of Ford )track record + 150B USD revenue).

Yes that was part of the deal for the merger. That Citron guy, Andrew Lef, tells it like it happened last week. He has never spoken to someone working at Nikola. That makes it all a bit dumb.

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