New lockdown mean a large sell off

New national lockdown Will we see a massive sell off?


Don’t think so. Most covid related things are already priced in the market. Most countries report growing economies while coping with covid and lockdowns.

Dip on US market yesterday was likely caused by run-off elections in Georgia today.


Probably not I would say

I think the market is getting desensitised to COVID news. Individual stocks that are heavily affected by COVID are still sitting low, but other stocks are churning ahead as they haven’t really been too affected

FTSE 100 RISERS and the rest

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yep. i decided to hold and put and 10 % of my money into j d weatherspoon this was a good idea. now if they hurry up with the vaccine (fat chance) so planes and cruise ships can get on the move i will be happy

I hope so… I’d love a 30% drop :heart:

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same tbh, ready to sell my audi

Uk can’t fall any further, it’s already too low

Is extremely hella dope delicious, doing some shorts in nasdaq dow Jones sp500 when there’s a market crash.
Get tons of money on CFD shorting tons then once in the floor, move the money to investing account buying the dip =)

I don’t play CFD… for easy money I have cryptos :wink:

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I think we all are getting desensitised to it :joy:

I’m new at this but it’s true what has been said very hard to predict the market. I expected a drop as we entered lock down but Portfolio is up 4% today. I have few companies on list shared above of top risers.

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it does get easier. I fairly new at this but I find as soon as something is even hinted at you need to either buy or sell based immediately on it when it happens its already priced in and has no effect.