Limit order not executed

So I had a limit order at $12.75 for FPAC to be execute first thing when market opened but it never happened.

Anyone know why? As far as i can see the price started out at $12.02

really annoying as I set it before market opened so now missed out on a 15% jump! Is there some sort of low priority for T212 to route the trades to market?

You can see via candle chart, 1m chart, that today open price was at 13.50$ , fell bit , then up again.

Not sure if it fell to 12.75$

If you use the target and place it on the candle it’ll say 13.54 was the open. Just slightly higher and you may have caught it on the second minute.

ahh ok my bad, i was just looking at the graph on my phone and it look like opening was just above 12. Damn it…yesterday closed at 12 so i put in at 12.75…ahh it’s down now anyway lol…

Lol yeah pretty quick pump and dump. looks like someone took a 16 bag chasing. Ouch.

yeh i think i missed out on the pump phase and joined the dump phase :frowning:

Looks like its back at 10 which is its normal trading value. I would have thought it should have support there.

Was it literally just this news that caused it?

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Far Point Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: FPAC, FPAC.UN, and FPAC.WS) a special purpose acquisition company (“FPAC”), announced that its stockholders voted to approve the proposed business combination transaction (the “Transaction”) with Global Blue Group AG (“Global Blue”) at a Special Meeting held for this purpose on August 24, 2020. Holders of 53,505,646 shares of FPAC’s Common Stock, or approximately 67.68% of the issued and outstanding shares, voted in favor of the Transaction. The parties expect the closing of the Transaction to occur August 28, 2020. FPAC also announced that stockholders holding 48,708,994 shares of FPAC’s Class A Common Stock have elected to redeem their shares in connection with the closing of the Transaction.

Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 15.06.26

yeh i guess so but would have expected it to stay there for some time