Long wait on Dividends

Can a person from TR212 look into my $CCAP special dividend request 2 days ago ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You will recieve a faster answer from T212 if you open a chat or a ticket. This is a community forum.
Go to your app, click on the 3 lines and then chat with us.


thanks for the tip !

Indeed one month it is a lot never had to wait that long
Shouldn’t all dividends be paid withing 15 working days of the announced payment date? As per t212 contract statement?

The longest I had to wait was 2 weeks and 2 days on LYB dividend for December 2021.

It is really inconsistent, sometimes you get the payment within 2 or 3 days and other times it takes “forever”.

Hey, @bibi. :wave:

We’ll distribute the dividend in the upcoming business days.

Maybe if the shares were lent, the dividend payment process could take longer. As the borrower is the entity responsible for the payment.

Due to issues related to the payment of dividends from the all the entities of Brookfield (BAM, BEP, BIP) I decided to sell them all. I don’t want to waste time and risking the fiscal authorities demanding me a tax audit or paying again taxes on the paid dividends, due to miscalculation/bugs from T212. Also the tax confusion and a delay of more than 1 month in paying dividends also helped my decision in selling them all.

No, not the case. I checked it.that was the case
Actually, I have zero assets of my portfolio lent out by T212.
I guess I have a boring portfolio! :joy:

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Don’t say that you bought Portuguese football club stocks. :joy:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Noooo way! It is hard earn money!
By boring I mean not meme stocks or FOMO stocks. I try to keep balanced and good value stocks.
I guess people don’t want to short those stocks.

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Stock lending is not solely used for shorting. It can be used to help increase liquidity and act as a temporary stop gap for failing trades in the market, in return for small fee.


Thanks @Dougal1984, I wasn’t aware of that. Can you please elaborate a bit more or direct me to where i can read about it?
I though the main use was shorting, but now i am curious about your explanation.

Thank you @Bogi.H
I indeed now received the dividend :slight_smile:

@Team212; @Hris.M ; @Bogi.H ; @B.E

I still didn’t received the dividends from Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP) it should have been paid 10 days ago .

Please proceed with payment.

As usual this dividend is always late, sometimes more than 1 month. This time more than 10 days:


Hi @Bogi.H I wonder if you or anyone at T212 could advise on a late payment on a dividend from Digital 9 Infrastructure (LSE:DGI9).

Payment Due date was 23/12/21, so wondering if there’s been an issue or if I’ve somehow been missed, as received the previous quarterly without any issue, but this is now 17 days overdue?

@Team212; @Hris.M ; @Bogi.H ; @B.E

Any update on this?

Hey, @RLX

We will distribute the dividends in the coming days.

Will update you when it’s done.:v:

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Thanks @Hris.M , it’s already late 11 days, plus the “coming days” you mention it will take.

It’s a bit unusual a broker paying the stock dividends with so many days late.

And for this stock, is always late several weeks, last dividend payment had a delay of 36 days after the Payment Date, and only because I mentioned it, it could be even more late than that. That is unacceptable for a regulated financial institution.

Someone is gaining money with such dividend payments delays, and the owner of that shares aren’t the ones.

The dividend payments that are late more than 1 week should be compensated to the investors, as brokers charge overnight interest to investors in some type of financial products and if brokers lend their customer’s shares to other investors.


Providing the T212 feedback to the community.


According to that, dividend payments can be late for several weeks or more, as if the dividend payment isn’t owed to the customers.

If the customers owe money, the broker charge interest or even do a margin call. But the customers will have to wait without any communication or compensation for the delayed time.

This process makes me, lose any will to have dividend paying stocks/ETFs in T212.

Using the T212 paying process, can we also say to Tax Authorities or the banks or the utilities companies, the same? That we will paying late in the next weeks or longer, and without any penalization from them?

if i own a stock in both ISA and invest would the ISA receive the divided before the invest assuming the stock in invest got lent out?