Long wait on Dividends

We just paid the dividend :heavy_check_mark: To find out more, go to the ‘History’ → ‘Dividends’ section.


Could I get an update on the Special Dividend for Sylvania Platinum? (SLP) Apologies is this is being processed

The Payment date was 7th June.

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I was expecting a dividend from Admiral, ADM, on Friday 7 June 2024 as well, just in case T212 aren’t aware of the delay.

Thank you

EDIT: ADM come through now thanks.

We’re still waiting for our intermediary to distribute the dividend. We’ll allocate it to all eligible shareholders as soon as received. Apologies if the delay is causing an inconvenience :pray:

We distributed the ADM dividend shortly before the US session started today :raised_hands:


No worries

Thanks for updating us! :+1:

Hey Admin.

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

AGNC ex date was on 31/05/24 with pay date on 11/06/24.

All other AGNC dividends have been paid on time., this one hasn’t been. Any help?

Good morning :coffee: We’ll pay the dividend in the upcoming business days.

Why has this not been paid on time? Is Trading212 having financial issues, if so, you need to tell your members immediately.

Or what is happening so they so delayed?

That dividend being delayed means it is not earning me interest for the last few days.

Why are dividends not being processed on time?

We’ve previously discussed how the distribution process works in the thread here - we’re awaiting our intermediary to distribute the dividends to us, and then we’re allocating them to eligible shareholders.

Even though we made significant improvements in the process, receiving the dividends a day or two after the official pay date is still possible.

Wow, calm down dude, your massive payment of 2$ is on its way…

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Ok that explains that, but as I said, all previous dividends were processed on the pay day.

Seems strange that this time it’s delayed.

Maybe give your intermediary a kick up the backside to speed up. :wink:


Hello again.

Does IKBR have an update on the Special Dividend of SLP for T212 to distribute?

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@mev202, the AGNC dividends have been paid out.

@Venetia1993, it is yet to be paid.

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Hello trading 212 team,

This afternoon I received a notification that the dividend of Realty Income (O) has been paid. However, when I look at my cash balance in the free funds and my cash balance in my pie nothing has changed. Was this notification a bug? Or when can i expect to receive the money in my account?

Hey, @wouter1182 :wave:

If you see the dividend payment in the History > Dividends menu, it means that the payment was successfully allocated to your account’s free funds or to your Pie’s cash if you hold the shares within a Pie. If you’re unable to see any information, please send me a private message, and I’ll check this further with the team :pray: