Persimmon dividend and additional Santander shares not received!

What is going on?! I have friends with other providers who have received their dividend for persimmon that was paid this week and have received their additional Santander shares.

This is basic stuff! I want to know the official reason for what is causing the delay.

It can take some time for dividends to be paid. Give it up to 2 weeks. They’re dependent on Interactive Brokers so they can’t really do anything to speed things up.

David explained it here a bit:

So why are other providers getting the dividend to customers so much faster, how can it take weeks here and payment from other provider is actually given on the day of dividend payment from the company paying it?

It’s called Service, you can always leave 212 pay and get it.
You don’t pay commissions here, so if there is a wait what can you do.

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Yeh I get that but 212 do make their money off the spreads. I’ve seen it before on single share purchases. Very easy to see what they are charging. That over the volume. Plus, a business model shouldn’t be built on delays. And I can forgive an few days, not a few weeks!

The Santander shares were discretely added this morning it looks like. Can’t see the transaction anywhere but the shares definitely came in.

Trading212 wait for the actually money to get into their bank account. Some dividend companies still use cheques to send out money. Even bank transfers take 2-3 working days normally. This is why it normally takes so long to get into your account. A lot of brokages pay as soon as the dividend date but you pay for that privileged.