Losing money in pies

Why does it show that I lose 30-40%of my money in pie even when .OST od the stock are not even open at the time and even when they open, they are fine. This is showing only on mobile app, web is showing good data.

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Thanks for flagging this. I’ll send you a DM shortly so we can investigate the case.

I have the same, randomly drops, first it was 20% in the morning for 4hrs, then 100% drop after that. Shows 0 all the way until you open app again.
Spoke to agent on the chat, says it is premarket fluctuations :joy:
Just fix it as it is not the first time happening and very concerning.

I had the same issue. I saw a big fluctuations on pies charts (100% drop and very fast pull back).

This appears to be a visual bug. We have already deployed a fix, so you shouldn’t see similar drops in the future. Unfortunately, the historical data will remain unchanged.

Regardless, @Madalin1, @Chri55tof, I’ll DM you to double-check each case.

Same with me as well

Check your inbox :mailbox_with_mail: I’ve just DMed you.