Make (almost) all stocks fractional?

Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but does T212 plan to make most securities fractional eventually? Would it be feasible for all aside from the likes of Lloyds that cost 30p? Perhaps any stocks below say £5 a unit? Are there other volume/technical/cost considerations?

To my mind, T212’s implementation of fractional shares is far better than the competition’s and I think it’s such a great feature that it should be baked into the platform by default–after all, anythng that makes it easier for clients to buy stocks is surely a good thing for a broker.


the goal is all to have fractionals to a reasonable degree. which means for some just 0.1 and for others 0.001 or more.

this is so all shares can benefit from the pie investment system coming in the big update.

the larger the price for a whole share the more it makes sense to allow a greater degree of fractional, with new release for purchasing by cost rather than share count, we may see more flexibility in shares even for cheaper stocks.

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Great to hear, hadn’t read up on the forthcoming pie system before. According to @George’s posts in the Would you like a pie? thread, T212 plans to enable fractions on all instruments although you’d imagine there’d inevitably be a few exceptions.

That update sounds like a monumental undertaking, many months of hard work, but I’m sure T212’s team will continue to knock it out of the park.