Mcafee IPO - worth it at $20?

I used to hold this stock many a year back.

Struggling now to see if the issue price of $20 is of value, as a couple things worry me.

  1. Large debt pile.
  2. Was not profitable in 2019.
  3. Talks of restarting a dividend in 2021 due to manageable debt pile, rather than reducing debt and increasing profits.

But then, the fact they were able to raise $740m from the IPO, suggests to me people think there is hope out there yet. Approx $600m is apparently to help offset the debt pile of $4.3bn, with an MCAP of $8.6bn at the IPO price.

I’m going to have to do some more DD on this I think.

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Rough first day… haven’t seen a ‘hyped’ IPO down this much at initial trading in a while (currently -25%)…

It’s the new Wirecard :money_with_wings:

I thought it would go hand in hand with NKLA pie.