Wirecard shares

Hi 1’m stuck with Wirecard shares for about 4 weeks now, is it worth waiting or i should accept the loss and sell them. any advise will be appreciated. thank you

Rule of thumb: if you think your money will grow faster somewhere else then put it somewhere else


Does wirecard has any future or they going bust?

Personally think that it will go bust, but I don’t know much from the stocks aside that they had fraud problems surface in june 2020. Even if they don’t go bankrupt they might still dilute whatever share value there’s left so I don’t think there’s any long term upside with them (even if they make it out the reputation damage is hard to overcome, just like the competition who strengthened due to this), it might ofc spike up as seen in the picture bellow but I wouldn’t count on it as the problems persist.

So in short IMO I don’t see any future for them, but again I’m not particularly knowledgeable about this particular company.

I have 157 shares and down 50% so better to save the remaining 50% than lose all of it. Thanks for your help

It’s called risk transfer.
Sell them and buy the stock that you are most confident will grow big in the future.

Thanks for the encouragement just sold them today. The sell price was 0.473 but I got 0.450