Lemonade (LMND) Thoughts

What do people think, I like it as a business and have a small amount in them which is up about 24% at yesterdays close, but am increasingly questioning if they can really push on to be a big player. Still debating if I feel their tech/AI aspect wont just be beaten or improved upon by existing bigger players.

Would love to know others thoughts on next 6 months-5 year opinions.

Really an interesting company… I started following them (unfortunately bought in at around $80) since their IPO. I like the business model a lot - they’re going to disrupt the legacy insurance sector, and will most likely be bought out by one of the big players.

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Ah ok so you see it as the end play with this stock is a payout from company sale to bigger company, or you think it will still be listed itself and exist? I am generally wanting to hold for long term on companies but as I read more just not sure what their end goal is, but I see lots of their new offerings and markets as promising as is their brand and the values they hold (like the charity 25% profits etc).

One thing I am trying to assess is the exact market size they can likely capture, as they are working in more and more countries but sometimes not all offerings so difficult to nail it down, and without that its difficult to start looking at valuations going forward. However I bought at $50 and may add to it if it comes down to $55-$58 mark again.

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I like the look of it and the business model, have a small position at $52 and will only add a bit when in that range. Their goal is to capture about 4% market share which is a massive goal in the insurance industry. I’m keeping as it grows unless I see any change in the fundamental growth story here

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I’m not sure how often stock master updates but it’s got a really high short volume for some reason

I would guess thats because (or causing?) its quite volatile as a stock, regularly 3-5% swings or more a day I have noticed.

If I remember well, they went public June or July of this year. After the first six months, the original investors can drop the shares and sell it (they can’t do it before that), so this may be one of the reasons as the 6 months threshold is coming and the price may drop almost instantly after December

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Like this article says I thought the lockup ended Nov. Or there is another one?

it does not look right to me. The lock-up period is six months and if they went public in July, I believe that that is ending on 2nd of January

I see that was 180 days so ed of November may be right

Yeah I will have a look into it, I randomly just saw this video but stop watching when they mentioned other options are Tesla and Palantir, I hope Lemonade isnt a meme stock in the making lol.

I think actually it is a good idea of business, but I am scared they are too early as people are not ready to accept this kind of insurance business

Just wish they changed the name. Sounds so dumb.
But then again, we are in the age of TikTok and crap like that.

Nice website though.

who didn’t sell lemonade as a child though?

besides me :rofl:


Me either, it’s definitely an American thing. You’d freeze to death in the UK playing at that game lol.

That said though, I still don’t get why an insurance company would call themselves lemonade…
my first thoughts were:
“oh that’s nice, they openly state they like squeezing their clients for money”.
Lol I must have read too deeply into it.


Today was a big move hey

Yes I actually exited my small position today, holding money to see if a sharp correction back but if not I dont mind as still on the fence with this so wanted to bank some profit. A dip under $60 will probably see me back.

It jumped up by 20% because of Motely fool post . I would monitor the hike but buy similar to the above posts.

It’s a buy but maybe not at these prices.