Mcafee share price

Just wondering why the price of McAfee shares on trading212 launched at 25 dollars when they were 20 dollars everywhere else? A blatant rip off surely?


It didn’t, nor do T212 set the prices in Invest/ISA.

Lol :joy:

Sorry, found this post funny

Ok so your screenshot says they didn’t but this screen is misleading…

Closed at 18.60, down 6.41 (25.63%). That equals a starting price of 25.01. I can’t stop laughing either :joy:


Yeah if you are new to this forget the 25 and the percentage.

If you rotate your phone landscape you can see this was yesterdays action. It went sideways, started around 19 and finished around 19.


Cheers Phil appreciate that

T212 have already acknowledged CFD had an issue with the launch. :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps it was a virus lol. :smiley:


Surely a rip off, i have seen it happened with other stocks too

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Seen what happened? To anyone new to trading, T212 don’t set the ask :neutral_face: