Emergency help MCAFEE -25000 euro - βœ… Resolved

Mcaffee was bought for $25.01 a shareee it has to be a error all my friends positions closed. I will upload my ss after i contact support

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I had the same issue.


I had a chat and they said they will compensate by the end of the day.

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We’re on it, no one will be negatively impacted.

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Thanks David. My tesla position closed at a loss for -500 euro due to this error i will definitely get back the money i lost right?

I lost the small funds that I hand also - I hope that this will cover me too?

How is the best way to contact you directly regarding this?

Sorry if my category/format is wrong, I just opened this community account for this.

So I was trading, had about Β£3k in the CFD account. I was almost +Β£700 in my result from a couple of months of trading.

I saw McAfee had an IPO (the notification just popped up recently), and I clicked onto it. I tried to buy 1 share but what ended up going through was 1,350. I don’t have the margin to even have bought that amount but somehow it went through, with the buy at $25.01 and sell at $1, immediately sold and made my account -$24,887.03. Then the stock got suspended in the system.

Chatting to support now but posting here too in case others have had the same issue. Seems like it will be resolved soon.

Hi @niwla3,

We’re looking into it:

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Same issue here!
Not as bad as yours but Β£8k down

Which obviously meant all my other positions got closed as well

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Put me off purchasing any straight away :grimacing:

Hello @GizmoGus,

Per the notification that you’ve received in your account, all affected positions were fully compensated.

Please excuse us for any caused inconvenience.

Hi Peter I still have not been compensated I still have the Mcafee position open at 25 dollars. im currently -550 euro