Meaning of cut off wicks

Can someone explain why some stocks (eg. argo blockchain) have accurately cut off wicks over long periods of time, while other stocks do not?

What does this imply?
Any risk associated?

My thought:
Stock is not liquid, share flow is low maybe?

Anyone with experience here?

Thank you!

All that’s showing is for about 15 mins the ask was pretty much the same.

The heikin-ashi are averaging based on the previous which is why you are seeing it step.

So it just went 110 to 115, stayed at that ASK for ~15mins, and then back to 110.

Liquidity and volume are the reasons, on a very liquid stock it might change many times a second, on very illiquid it might be weeks between a new quote.

Swap to normal candle on it and it’ll give a better view of where the ask is in this case.

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Thanks @phildawson, appreciated!

What is a normal candle? ^^

The one next to the heikin-ashi with the H on it.

If you use the target you’ll see the Open High Low Close

The heikin-ashi is good for showing movement but is slower to react to where ASK is at as it’s basing it on the previous candle.

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There’s nothing cut off just the price hasn’t moved much in those candlestick periods and has found either a floor or a ceiling depending on what way you look at it. Great trigger patterns :slight_smile:

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Wickes sell good DIY products not sure when the cut off sale ends.

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