MetalNRG - LON: MNRG (Greatland Gold potential)

Could we get this stock added?


I’m hearting this just because of GGP being used as a label to define greatness. :smile:

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From a quick look its main project is the re-development of an old mine in Arizona. I am not an expert but I would say that it is in a good jurisdiction :smiley:.

It seems like very early days, with almost certain future dilution as they do not mention money in their investor presentation from September 2019, however it could work.

I support it being added onto the platform :slight_smile:.

its already on 212 - check again

I have not been able to find it on the ISA platform

@JayCais3 def not on Invest/ISA :cry:

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Sorry. I meant greatland gold - It seems promising but it’s a 2/3 year hold.