Monthly and Daily Returns

Would love to see a feature implemented where you can see your monthly performance over the years so you can compare your stats to the following years.


After the true Black theme, now this is my next request :heart_eyes:.

Sorry @David we love T212 and we are greedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A stick chart would be a perfect way to see how you are performing for the month, how you have performed in prior months and how much gains you have made so far for the year percentage wise. I found this a very good feature on eToro, and I would love to see it implemented on 212 aswell.

I really want this feature for over a year now

YTD would be great too. So I can compare my performance to markets’ YTD. Hope to see these soon!


When will these be considered in an update? Because I want to know how my portfolio is performing against the market on a daily bases.


How is this in the interim?