Morningstar integration in Trading 212

Several investment banks use Morningstar in several ways inside their platforms. The common way is a multi-level integration of Morningstar:

1 - Customers choose the type of financial instrument: Stocks, ETFs, Investment Trusts, Investment Funds, Pension Funds, etc

2 - It opens a new window or new frame inside the investment bank page according to the instrument type initially chosen

3 - The customer can choose several filters to:

  • have more search features,

  • can compare with several instruments inside the same type of instruments,

  • have more detailed information about the instrument chosen (returns and volatility on several time periods, ratios, portfolio, graphs, etc, including seeing the performance converted to several currencies),

  • the customers can see the documents of the instruments (KIID, KID, prospects, etc),

  • the customers can Export Excel files according to the filters selected to do a more detailed comparison and analysis pre-purchase and portfolio management afterwards.

  • Morningstar also offer other useful tools (“Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools™”) as: “Instant X-Ray” of the Portolio or “Funds Comparison” for analysis and portfolio management

For Trading 212 could be also an interesting feature:

  • less complaince burden on the instruments offered on the platform
  • less coding for the development of the T212 search and other features
  • less load on T212 servers and other infrastructure (freeing it for other functions)
  • less money invested on inhouse hardware and software
  • more user retention and attraction (a competitive advantage, a feature other brokers don’t have and although some online banking has it, they are more expensive or don’t have the T212 other features).
  • having a Morningstar integration could be cheap than build inhouse features
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An example of a Morningstar integration within a Portuguese investment bank.

There are other ways of integrating Morningstar as seen on other online investment banks, and according to their offer (some have only investment funds and ETFs, others also have Investment Trusts, Stocks, Pension Funds, Real Estate Funds, etc):

Investment Funds:

ETFs: (I only marked the difference between the Morningstar ETFs search and Investment Funds search above)


I believe it to be an excellent idea! :slight_smile:

Although T212 has a more beautiful and appealing interface, one cannot deny that there some deficiencies regarding the search functions.

Integrating with Morningstar would certainly iron out all of those details, and make the product more appealing for more experienced investors!

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