Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

Looks like you no longer need to worry about Poland :upside_down_face:

I’m not even sure if there are any Polish stocks I would invest in.

I know this is a short term view, but these guys thought DPP.L would do well and it’s down 40% since their recommendation(yes I know it’s LSE listed but trades in Poland). Having been to the country several times and prone to ordering one or two :pizza:, I still couldn’t understand how their franchise model would work vs competition given they were miles better.

I think the team is readying the list from bottom to top.
So the next market should be Australia.

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You mean Japan right :rofl:

Thanks for the update Tony, we appreciate it!


Curious question, what would we be able to do with a T212 API? (Assuming good coding/programming skills)

I think the idea is being able to produce a range of plugins and widgets for the use with portfolios on the platform and perhaps even allow 3rd party platforms to display your data in real-time.

no app for the iPad? no problem, someone will make it :joy:

a Public API will likely wait until T212 are certain they won’t be performing large overhauls of the system in the background to improve quality of service or implement new features.


As @Dao had mentioned it will allow others to add more functionalities to the platform themselves, be that related to data display/analysis or trading/portfolio management. Perhaps for some even tax management depending on local laws. But indeed probably will take a long time as the current internal API is constantly changing without us being bothered by it.

Let’s be honest. Charting needs a complete over haul. Need to use an external site such as trading view for effective charting.

Useless volume indicators.

VWAP that’s wildly in accurate (so why on earth are you able to add it to charts?)

Can’t add notes properly (can’t even change font size)

Anything added to charts disappears if you close it unlike trading view.

Search function doesn’t have enough variables
to search for stocks.

Can’t add arrows to charts. Only continuous ray.

Not enough fib retracement numbers. Stops at 2.618.


I would love to see past transactions marked on the chart on existing positions. Revolut does a similar feature - a little plus or minus marked on the line chart. Makes it easier to journal trades and learn from past trades.

And I’m still missing the world time from the CFD account. It was a really neat little thing on the bottom right corner before you guys took it off.


Tony - will withdrawals still come in smaller lumps? Or has that been removed in favour of a full transfer?

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Someone from the team can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think card withdrawals coming in smaller lumps is probably not up to the broker, but to the card processing provider (like or Adyen).
I’ve always received withdrawals as one transactions If done via bankwire.


Yeah my thoughts are the same as you. Wondered if they changed that bit too though.

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Hey. :wave:

@VicVega is correct here.


@Bogi.H Hi guys, hope you’re all doing well. Just wondering if you’re any closer to adding the Walsall/Polish exchanges?

I’d like to look at investing in renewable energy projects in Eastern Europe. Given the dependency of toxic imported energy I’d like do my bit and look at renewable.

I know you’re all super busy, but if you don’t ask you don’t get right.

Hello, @RobK

We prefer not to commit to an ETA as this might provoke further confusion.

Аs soon as we have additional information on the matter, we will let you know.


I would like to ask Trading 212 for the ability to transfer positions to and from other brokers to be implemented. Thank you.

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@AfricanHerbsman you must have missed this thread - its in flight:

You can probably follow progress on there.


Thank you, I hadn’t notice :pray:

I think this one can be marked as “done” :partying_face:

In-specie transfers are obviously in progress.

Hope we’ll be able to calculate return in different ways soon. Any updates from the @Team212 ?