Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

I think this one can be marked as “done” :partying_face:

In-specie transfers are obviously in progress.

Hope we’ll be able to calculate return in different ways soon. Any updates from the @Team212 ?


Hey, @VicVega.

Calculating the return in different ways, e.g. on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, is something we’re considering. We cannot confirm an ETA but will update you as soon as we have any news.


Yes :heart_eyes:. This is the most basic feature & should be up & running ASAP. Also showing our All Time Return of portfolio since started, calculating MWR & TWR.


I can’t wait to see my negative return fluctuation on daily/weekly/monthly basis. :raised_hands:t3: :grimacing:


I absolutely agree.
The ability to differentiate between TWR and MWR is key to evaluate a investing strategy.
Also I would love to see the preformance of a specific pie, in addition to the preformance of the whole account.


Just wanted to say, good effort on all at team 212 for implementing / starting to test a number of above. A lot of us probably don’t appreciate all the development and testing let alone the hours and costs involved.

On that note, I’m going to ask would it be possible for an update on adding any of the markets above - most specifically Japan. Although my holdings will be small, I would ideally like to run my dummy portfolio through 212 if possible due to the low fees.

After all, you don’t ask, you don’t get right :blush:


Appreciate the kind words, @Dougal1984. :pray:

There are other improvements we’ll implement before adding more exchanges. However, providing access to more markets remains within our plans.


Very nicely said, but I believe Canada, Australia and Hong Kong come before Japan in the list. :innocent:


@Bogi.H Does this other improvement include the 3rd most voted feature on this poll ? When can we expect the feature (before year end ?) Porfolio Data - Different means of calculating returns on our whole portfolio.

Definitely Hong Kong needs to be added for a safer exposure to some china stocks, Baba etc.

Yes. It’s hard to commit to a deadline at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


Not entirely sure that would be true given that HK is effectively controlled by China?

More incase they get delisted from the Nasdaq.

I’d like to be able to export assets from a pie without having to change the pie allocation.

Can you provide me with an example?

You mean this?

Scherm­afbeelding 2022-08-08 om 14.47.01

This exports holdings from a pie to your manual investments. Choose Pie > Holdings > icon in the bottom.

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Yeah, but you when export that stock it removes it from your pie allocation and asks you update your allocation of others things.

I want to be able to export assets from the pie but leave the pie the same for future buys.

Then just leave a tiny fraction in the pie. When exporting, you don’t have to export 100% of the invested amount; leave some xx cents and the allocation will stay the same.

Sure? Target allocation isn’t changed when exporting.

If you export 100% of an asset, then yes it is. The pie considers that you effectively allocates 0% to the asset, and then must reallocate the rest.

In case of exporting less than 100% of the asset, then no reallocation is necessary.