Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

Now that you mentioned it, that happened to me last Friday. Not sure if you can actively set a limit sell for a fractional amount yet though. If the system supports it, it may just be a matter of updating the ui functionality. :crossed_fingers:

Should add : transfer share to another broker as a priority

It’s already there as the inspecie transfer.

What is an in-specie transfer? The transfer of an asset in its current form rather than in the equivalent amount of cash. The legal ownership of the asset is transferred from one provider/scheme to another without the need to sell and re-purchase the asset.

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Thanks, upvoted that one.

hehe, the poll missed pie in pie requests :wink:

I took it from the other thread where I asked everyone what one thing they would like and tried to capture them all in the poll. I didnt see it there :man_shrugging:

No-one has mentioned Primarybid either to be fair.

yeah that one always seemed a bit of a stretch for me, third party integration and all that.

Multi currency accounts, Autoinvest from free funds and better portfolio return statistics … and I will be happy :slight_smile:


Another is the annual tax report, i know you can get it via personal request, but having an automated one you can download would be cool. I trade mostly through isa so haven’t made enough through my invest account to warrant it yet though. You never know maybe one day one of my penny OTC stocks will explode.

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multicurrency wont be happening this year or the next. the last terms update specifically stated its not on offer. free funds and portfolio information are very desirable features so far :+1:

I know. Autoinvest is also promised for more than year with “high priority” :slight_smile: So I’m not happy … yet :wink: :slight_smile: Free fund autoinvest is most important for me now, using T212 after fx fee mostly for DCA ETFs and to buy some eur stocks. For us stocks I am using almost always IBKR, it is usually cheaper and already have multi currency accounts.


SIPPs :pray:
Direct Debit :pray:

@Team212 - Hopefully the above poll proves useful to highlight some meaningful enhancements your loyal customers would love to see in the future :heart:

Some of these have been discussed in the past and implementation dates pushed back / on pause, understandably as your user base and AUM grew beyond expectation and you had to deal with that. Is there chance you could give us a glimmer of hope that some of these will be considered and/or may already be in your current pipeline?

Not asking for a definitive answer as get you wouldn’t want to give away anything only for competitors to pip you to the post, but a spoiler of what may come would be most appreciated :blush:

All the best and look forward to what you roll out in 2022(like this that you kept very quiet)


We always appreciate your feedback. Most of the suggestions are already being evaluated. I’ll share some info for the sake of transparency but note that we cannot commit to an ETA.

Here are just some of the visible features that we are working on:

New features will be listed here as well :point_right: What's new - Trading 212 Community


The ability to add cash to a pie, be it from bank transfer or available balance - but to invest it at a later date when I choose.

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Amazing, thanks for the update! :+1:t3:

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Thank you for the reply, much apreciated. A quarterly post with updates will help alot.
Wish you success with the things you are working on.


You can also obtain the regulation rights for the USA. That could increase the company growth… And you would not have anyone changing broker if they move to the USA. That is what Interactive Brokers have to avoid their clients changing brokers.

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Thanks very much for the update, appreciated.

Sure it goes without saying but equally reach out to us if it would be useful to have some user input or help testing any of these.


What about Canadian markets? :sleepy:
Thanks for the update though!