Move Funds facility

Under “Manage funds” There is “Move funds” facility.
I would like to build up my ‘Invest’ funds during the year, then when the new tax year starts on 6th April, move them from ‘Invest’ into my ‘Stocks ISA’.
Can the Move funds facility do that?

Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that once transferred, these funds will count towards your annual ISA allowance. :bulb:

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Hi Kris, sorry to jump on this thread after it’s been solved. Though I did have a similar question I have an additional one.

I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask but I’ll ask any way.

In April, the new tax year, I moved a small sum from the S&S ISA back to the investment account. Now I think T212 has added that sum to my allowance and I’ve maxed out the ISA allowance on here but in reality I’m still, say, £150 off my allowance.

Can I move that £150 back to the S&S ISA from the investment account?


£20,000 is the maximum amount you can contribute to your ISAs each tax year. Since our ISAs are flexible, you can withdraw any amount and deposit it back without impacting your allowance as long as you do it within the same tax year.

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It’s from the 6th April.