Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc

If I understand you correctly, you have a T212 account in USD, and you wire EUR to that USD account (in Barclays bank), then t212 convert those euros to dollars? Are you sure? Because before the deposit would be returned as unfeasible.

I send EUR to Revolut, exchange it to USD (I have a premium account) then I send them to T212 acc.

No, not quite. I have a euro bank account which my bank converts to dollars (and charges me a fee for doing so) and sends it to the dollar bank account T212 has in the UK.

I never thought of Revolut though, that is a good option!

Any updates on this?

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Having a multicurrency account is not part of our plans. However, if anything changes, we’ll let you know.


And your broker is ??

Trading212 has charged me over £1100 in FX this year … so ask if they would give that up to allow multi currency accounts.

its 0.15% each way, so that’s already ~0.3%; that may be ok when converting cash balances to then buy and sell shares within, but not when buy and selling shares individually.

If I sell a USD stock, I dont want to convert back to GBP, I want to keep the USD.

Of course that is what we all desire.

But the UK big three are all terrible. Hargreaves Lansdown charge 1% up to £5000 and descending amount until 0.25% is reached on part over £20000. AJ Bell is similar but 1% up to £10000 and descending amount until 0.25% is reached on part over £30000. So much worse than Trading 212.

Only Interactive Investor offers a USD account but it costs 1.5% to move money into it. Only on large amounts of over £600000 does the marginal charge drops to 0.25%.

There are brokers offering cheaper fx and segregated currency accounts, but options for UK investors are few and not without other problems.


1.5% what? conversion fee? or funding fee? because I can fund an account in USD if needed, so no conversion needed at t212 end.

You should do your own maths. For that maybe Interactive brokers is a good option.

Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor, AJ Bell, Trading 212 … none of them permit a UK investor to directly deposit USD to a USD segregated account. These brokers must make money somehow and so making a hefty profit for currency conversion from GBP to USD seems to be the preferred method of many. There are some exceptions that are available to UK investors. But I have concluded that for the buy-and-hold investor Trading 212 still comes at or near the top amongst what is available.

By my researches, all the following offer USD segregated accounts in which to trade US stocks, but with other disadvantages.

  • Interactive Investors, expensive (1.5%) to deposit GBP and convert to USD. However, can withdraw USD to an external account, avoiding fx cost on way out.
  • Revolut, low fx cost, but 0.12% per annum platform fee and limited app. Can directly deposit USD.
  • Lightyear, no fx fee below £3000 per month, but very limited app and market coverage, eg no limit orders. Can directly deposit USD.
  • Degiro, costs 0.25% to covert GBP into the segregated USD account, and again 0.25% to withdraw. Cannot directly deposit USD.
  • Interactive Brokers, low fx cost, but several other issues: one being the difficulty of your beneficiaries accessing your shares if/when you die.

I was using revolut previously, but then I wanted to be able to trade within an ISA. I do also now have an invest account also. Plus I don’t trust revolut.

Is your T212 in euro or in usd ?

AFAIK if you want to fund your T212 usd account using “Revolut”, you either need to use the 16 digit card number or you use international bank transfer which in many cases you will need to use your full IBAN number. In many cases this sort of bank transfer will not be free.

If your T212 is in usd, is there any charge or fee associated with this method of funding ??

I fully agree with this especially if you are a UK investor/trader where an ISA account is important for you. If you want an UK ISA , you will not be able to have other currency than GBP anyway.
If someone could find an ISA account with cheaper fee (all fees are accounted for) than T212 that could be used for active trading/investing please let us know

Helpfull comparison. I think you forget the top one e.g “eToro”.
There is funding fee for currency other than usd but you could avoid this using Revolut. So literally you could avoid the currency exchange fee as long as you keep your trading/investing account in usd in etoro.
The only major disadvantage of eToro is that, you could not have an ISA account. Also, the availability of global shares is rather limited in comparison to T212. But they also have another features such as allow you to trade cryptos. Other ETFs that are not available on T212.

Yes, I have account in usd, trade only on us market (or etf in usd like vusd) so I don’t pay fx fee.

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How did you do that are you using the 16 digit Revolut card number or you use International Bank Transfer.

If it is an international bank transfer:
Do you need to use T212 full IBAN number to tranfer money from Revolut to your T212 account?? It is free of currency fee, right ??

I would guess then, you are resident in UK.

That explains free funding of USD account via Revolut Premium as Revolut account is at Barclays same as T212. So you can use sorting number for T212 transfer , meaning not swift via IBAN and possible 3rd party fee.

Rest of EU clients which are switched to Lithuanian entity use IBAN swift either free via premium or charged. However I had 3rd party fee recently so it is worst then 0.07% FX fee via Eur account on T2.

I use bank transfers because there is 0,7% fee for credit card deposits (after $2k), IBAN and BIC/SWIFT (+ personal reference code).

@Vedran: Nop, I’m not a UK resident, I use swift. I’m Croatian and I have LT Revolut same as you, but for some reason they didn’t charge me a fee. I also don’t know why revolut didn’t charge me for other transactions (first if free then $5 per transaction), because I sent a smaller amount to check, then I send a higher amount.

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@Tony.V , @Team212, have T212 ever consider a Currencycloud integration (Visa bought it, this summer)?

It could be cheaper for Foreign exchange transactions, both for T212 and its customers. And a possible affordable solution for both in multicurrency accounts. E.g. Lightyear has multicurrency accounts and gives a free FX transactions monthly limit up to £3,000/month (after that, FX fees of 0.35%). Maybe something similar to that. :wink:

Btw, did you see this? :wink:

Some of T212 competitors (especially the neobrokers), neobanks and other Fintechs already use Currencycloud for Foreign exchange transactions, e.g. Revolut, Lightyear, Starling Bank, Monese, Seedrs.

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