Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc

I am always afraid when software engineering uses term “hopeful”, but anyway great that we got a commitment to deliver the feature, that is step forward, one would hope T212 would update directly here and keep us in loop.

Interactive Brokers, has multiple currencies, so I guess it is feasible.

I am really looking forward to the multiple currency account feature, so please develop it as soon as possible. I live in Hungary, I made a EUR account, but I hold stocks in USD, so holding my US stocks in USD would eliminate the risk from EUR/USD volatility.


I wonder how you are thinking that? EUR/USD volatility should have no effect on your profits in HUF. At the end of the day what matters for you is the HUF/USD rate, surely. The fact that EUR is fulfilling a middle-man role make no difference to your HUF/USD rate risk and HUF profits.

If I withdraw my funds in EUR to my HUF bank account, then the HUF/EUR rate risk is present and the EUR/USD rate risk also, because I hold my stocks in USD. If I withdraw my funds in USD, than there is one risk present, the HUF/USD rate risk.

I don’t care about multiple currencies but it would be good if the account charge could be done in the local currency. Whether that appears in t212 in the local currency or is converted to GBP I don’t care unless the conversion to GBP has some high cost

IF we get the multicurrency account, I guess it won’t be FSCS protected ? I presume it’s only valid for GBP accounts, not for USD or EUR.

the protections are based on bank location not currency. how multi-currency will be treated i am unsure of currently however.

I think Trading212 would become the trading platform if they implemented like Revolut the multi currency account. I want to convert whenever i want and its beneficial not forced by anybody at a rate that makes me lose money.


I support this idea. I have had positions that are great to sell but due to a worse exchange rate it reduces my profit quite a bit. Then if I want to reinvest in the same market again it involves another currency exchange.

I see a great potential in this.

I can echo Doydoy. I’ve had to withhold selling an otherwise profitable gain based on share price, purely due to the USD > GBP fx exchange rate absorbing the profit, suffering a loss. This is why I use Revolut and prevents me consolidating and fully committing to T212.

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Very good idea. It will remove the currency risk.

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+1 here too !
This addition will be very welcome, and give us more control on when to move funds between currencies…even HSBC have it.


Is this feature being considered ? I think just USD would be great to be honest as well as local currency. Thanks

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I think this might come in handy… topic under my attention, see how this request develops.


This would be a very useful feature, I hate converting GBP to USD when buying US shares.

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I also vote for this…Please consider it

  • All in favour please let’s vote

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If we can demonstrate just how many people want this to be prioritised maybe it might get bumped up the list. So please let’s get thousands of votes :+1:t5:


I voted by an accidental mouse click. Personally, I am not too bothered so long as the foreign exchange spread stays negligible. But I appreciate that many people do desire this and Trading 212 have said they have it on their roadmap,