Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc

I think this would be an useful function! Would also love to have the possibility to receive USD when i sell US stocks. (even if bought with euros/pounds)

Currency gains on portfolios are a very major thing.
It is in any normal asset portfolio factored in against dividends.
I am baffled so many think its about the FX exhange alone.

My wife lost about 600 pounds alone on currency gain differences in ONE QUARTER, due to the fact that she was buying US stocks in GBP, even when its a long term hold.
Any decent portfolio and/or tracker always calculates the FX gains and losses as its a part of your investment and how it can make a really big difference.

Dividends then, play a big role as they offset the whole or partially the loss on the currency gains.

it is a REALLY big deal not having multi-currencies when you buy equities. I understand OPs @Vedran point completely. It can literally eviscerate gains and accrued interest.


This is one of my Benchmark funds from another broker I Use. @Vedran
If people think FX exhange isn’t a big deal when you buy equities on US, UK and ASIA and EU markets, then this is a prime example where you lose more / equally than a regular savings account would give you on a year times interest rate.

Currency gain/loss is irrelevant and unavoidable.
You: add $100 to a USD account, buy $100 worth of a US stock
Me: Add $100 equivalent in GBP and buy $100 worth of the same stock

You sell and blah blah, eventually you will want to return it to GBP and the fx fluctuations still apply.

The only noticeable time you actually see it (but still doesn’t matter) is if you decide to become InvestorPro and try to time the market by selling your holdings and keeping them as cash. Even then it could rise or fall, it’s insignificant and when you eventually sell and move it to GBP to spend it again balances out.

Stay invested and it doesn’t matter

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But lots people seem to think that if only they could hold the sale proceeds of a US stock in a dollar account, then they would be able to select the “right time” to convert it back to GBP. That is just second order currency speculation - a fiendishly difficult game. The actual (taxable) profit on the stock investment has been fully determined by the exchange rates at the two moments of purchase and sale, so you may as well convert your currency at those points - so long as fx conversion is near costless, as it is on T212.


I personally am not trying to time anything, just rather not want to lose a single cent of dividends/reinvestment dividend to FX. Simple as that. As same as compounding does miracles to your savings, same compounding increases losses to FX over long period of time.


Yeah i agree with Vedran, also i think being able to receive dividends in their original currency is just one less worry to think about. You’re 100% sure of the amount you will receive, making it easier to track and record in advance.


Just want to chime in with the rest. The amount of money we lose with Forex fluctuations is sometimes super annoying!


Is there any progress on this feature from the development team?


+1 still interested in this. For anyone doing HFT it’s a must.


+1 for this feature. Would be great to see this feature on a roadmap.



I agree on this. I’m even searching for another broker just to invest in USD because of the exchange rate giving me red even I’m supposed to be green. I like Trading 212 very much so I’m planning to keep my EUR shares here. But if they have this feature, I would really love to just use T212 even for US stocks.

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You might misunderstand. Having a USD account cannot of itself help you to stay in green rather than red.

The app now shows you if you are green in USD terms. But in the example below I am still in the red when this holding of ADBE is converted to GBP. This will be the same with any broker, though less transparent.

Personally, I take the fx loss with equanimity. It means my GBP will buy me more when on foreign holidays and US stocks can be bought more cheaply.


Of course, for Multi-Currency acct, you don’t need to convert your USD right now when USD is low. It’s also like stocks, why would you sell when it’s red. At least, you can close your position if you want because it’s already green and use it to buy another shares.


Hello Community,
I’m new to T212, but using Revolut for trading…

+1. So I really hope t212 will consider to bring this multi currency account very soon, and i will move all assets to this platform, and can even bring my few friends who’s using different platform because of the one currency holding and having no option for FX conversation per trade.(+/-) would be really useful to have major ones at least, like a USD, EUR and GBP as required/stock exchange. And i think t212 will be stand out even more than any other competitors…



Quick question this for those more informed than me, theres no chance of multi currency in the ISA account for us in the UK is there?

I remember reading something about isa’s and having to only be single currency but not sure?

It would be nice to have multiple currencies as I probably like a few others move between countries fairly often so if I could sell my euro shares in euros and withdraw them in euros it would save me tbe losses of

Gbx>euro>gbx>withdrawal in gbx >euro at some God awful money exchage rate

As things stand already you need not worry much about currency exchange losses.

Foreign exchange on Trading 212 is fee free and when you are abroad spending euros use Revolut or other card with low cost fx, of which there are now many, Monzo, Starling, etc. You can sell your euro shares, do the full chain of conversions through GBP and lose less than 0.1% when you eventually spend in euros. Awful exchange rates are already a thing of the past.

You are right. An ISA can only hold GBP.

Legally you can have different currencies in your ISA account. Interactive Investor already supports this. But holding “things” in ISA is a different concept than having a current account. Think about foreign currency as an asset you are holding in your account.

You can hold all these currencies in your account (and potentially more) but you can only withdraw/deposit GBP

Following screen shot is from II


There is a 0.1% spread fee, but you can say this is free compared to other brokers :slight_smile:

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My understanding is that the spread for currency exchange on Trading 212 is much less than 0.1%. Staff have told us that it is less than the spread betwen buy and sell for their currency CFDs. Below, for example, spread on CFD is about 0.00012/1.32579 = 0.009%.

What you say @kali about non GBP currency in an ISA surprises me. Interactive Investor say on their website at this link

HMRC rules state that you can’t hold foreign currency in a Stocks & Shares ISA therefore if the base currency of a stock is not sterling, an FX must be done at the time of trade. Any income from non-UK holdings is converted to sterling automatically.”

I have an II account but can only hold non sterling in my trading account, not my ISA account.

See also on HMRC page

An investor’s cash subscription and any other cash held in a stocks and shares ISA may be held only in sterling.


oh the screenshot is from a SIPP I assumed SIPP and ISA would have same rules.