My AutoInvest Pie: 10 stocks with huge upside potential

Interesting comments so far!

Although , the sample size is small till now, I don’t get a sense of “euphoria” in the responses to date which keeps the sentiment in check for my category killers! I don’t see the stocks as consensus holdings still so it feels like there is more room to go!

Nevertheless, I am seeing more of an acceptance of these stocks now that they are up huge a lot - going back 4 months ago, there were several naysayers who have gone somewhat muted and ‘quiet’.

And this isn’t a game of ‘I told you so’… there’s enough of that on Twitter and all the bleeding Tesla posts. Each to their own.

Hopefully @pipo can come on and offer his thanks - fairly certain he made a pie out of these suggestions.

I think people get bored of trying to say that they’d seen previous tech over-valuations before. I certainly wouldn’t interpret reduced comment as validation or weakening of sentiment - that is classic confirmation bias!

The point remains that you might be right in the long run but you don’t know that at the moment. Inevitably some tech businesses will do very well in the long run - the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc etc prove that but there were also a lot of tech companies that got wildly overvalued (for similar reasons to a lot of your reasoning) that didn’t make it. Of course if you time things right then you can make a lot of money riding that wave providing you get on and off at the right time, but statistically people aren’t so good at getting the timing right.

I’m not old enough to remember the dotcom crash but there does seem to be many factors that resonate with that era. It is a strange one because there is still money to be made here, but with risk also and your point in timing is correct.

I’m also still conflicted on these hyper growth stocks. The fundamentals don’t add up. There seems to be the next 10+ years of growth factored into these stocks.

That said, I do have a small position in TSLA as I do see value in the future. I appreciate the fundamentals of this business currently do not add up. (Queue insults). But if they do near what they constantly talk about the TAM is huge.

As an experiment on the growth front I have picked 3 companies I like (Salesforce, Square, Virgin Galactic) as an experiment I’m going to keep to 5% of my portfolio.


damn these are risky, category killer Fastly just dropped 28% after hours. yikes.

Tik tok won’t be using them apparently.

Just using them less than expected apparently.

That’s madness the impact that just that news has had.

I think it’s a good entry point, 2-3 millions $ less expected revenue doesn’t justify a ~30% drop.

I think it pumps back up soon. But an opportunity to buy more nonetheless.

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My longest long - this is when you find out whether you have the right mindset or not and whether you understand what Fastly’s really is!

For those with perspective, the stock is back to levels last seen …yes …just over 2 weeks ago!

Ha! spotted. Following muji - thanks for putting your work out there. Grats on the SaaS run!