My current buy list (future pies)

I could not find it faster probably :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Vedran @kali looks like I need to look at AMD, Stone and Nvidia :+1:t3:

@Vedran when did you jump in on StoneCo?

I came in a bit late at 56.52

Probably more of a question for @kali :slight_smile:.

I bought the bulk of it in December 2018, but kept adding occasionally. Initial buy was for £6K from $15.xx second buy for £3.5k from $17.xx

Wow sweet, grats on you’r investment.

Ive got 2 quistions if you wouldnt mind using your time.

  1. Are you still long in the company?

  2. If yes, then why?

Yes I am still long, but I don’t sell investments frequently in any case.

I guess the fun question is, which companies do you think are the “next” Mercado Libre, Stone, AMD, Nvidia and Square? (Potentially very overperforming growth stock) :smiley:

Disclaimer btw, don’t trust my words :slight_smile: stoneco is my largest percentage position in my portfolio. I might just be shilling here :slight_smile:

isn’t that always the question? :slight_smile:


Btw, looking at MELI fundamentals. What happened in 2017/2019 period? Their EPS flushed to negative from 3.47$ in 2016 to -3.71$ at 2019… also cut dividend. looks crazy…


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it was mostly investment spending on online but also a lot of deferred tax payments, hit in 2019. Could be said it is nice since it is decreasing its “debt” but if they were in US there was a chance to get a “trump” elected, who’ll forego the taxes :slight_smile:

Net loss was $146.1 million, resulting in basic net loss per share of $2.96, due not only to the increased investment in marketing, but also a valuation allowance on deferred tax assets in Mexico and Colombia which accounted for $91.5 million and $7.2 million, respectively.

you can see in the report almost every metric is improving, except these bulk payments. But you can see similar effects in previous Q3/Q4 results as well.

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Hi Kali,

If you don’t mind me asking, what have you used to make the visualisations?

I have tried in excel but seems so longwinded is there any tips you have here?

can you point out which one?

Hi Kali,

The pie chart at the top!

Where it put them together based on sector. Is this information you can pull automatically from the web, or would you have to do it manually every time?

Thank you

Oh, that is good old google docs, but it is not pulling this criteria automatically. It can pull this data automatically as well but my sectors are not strictly following SNP sectors.

For example CCI is a reit but at this time I’ve sectored this into 3: Technology, Communications and Reit. If I were to follow SNP
EQIX = data centers
CCI = cell towers
PLD = commercial storage
would all go to same sector despite being very different verticals.

Here is a sample of a file I made before. Feel free to download it. If you have any questions just ask but I think it’s fairly self explanatory.

The tax and capital gains calculations on the ‘sold’ sheet are for Ireland though, so you’ll need to change that yourself for the tax rules of the country you’re based in.

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Gives us some update. What have you been looking into during this tech downturn?


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honestly, I’m still working on this:

I don’t usually change my plans excessively with short term changes, I still have around £6000 left in my allowance (until march) From that list, I’ve decided not to buy PDD and net ease, I’ve bought minor amounts of consumer staples instead like ABBV and DGE and opened a minor VOW3 position. again that remaining 6K limit will either go to my semiconductor pie, or some ETF.

sorry for being boring :slight_smile: :troll:


I’m surprised that you aren’t putting a big portion into StoneCo @kali , considering that if you found it good value around 30-40USD now it should be very cheap :slight_smile:
Or is it already too big a part of your portfolio?

Are you still bullish on the stock?

Edit: By the way, thanks for sharing your recent investments in the post above :slight_smile: