My current buy list (future pies)

I could not find it faster probably :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Vedran @kali looks like I need to look at AMD, Stone and Nvidia :+1:t3:

@Vedran when did you jump in on StoneCo?

I came in a bit late at 56.52

Probably more of a question for @kali :slight_smile:.

I bought the bulk of it in December 2018, but kept adding occasionally. Initial buy was for £6K from $15.xx second buy for £3.5k from $17.xx

Wow sweet, grats on you’r investment.

Ive got 2 quistions if you wouldnt mind using your time.

  1. Are you still long in the company?

  2. If yes, then why?

Yes I am still long, but I don’t sell investments frequently in any case.

I guess the fun question is, which companies do you think are the “next” Mercado Libre, Stone, AMD, Nvidia and Square? (Potentially very overperforming growth stock) :smiley:

Disclaimer btw, don’t trust my words :slight_smile: stoneco is my largest percentage position in my portfolio. I might just be shilling here :slight_smile:

isn’t that always the question? :slight_smile:


Btw, looking at MELI fundamentals. What happened in 2017/2019 period? Their EPS flushed to negative from 3.47$ in 2016 to -3.71$ at 2019… also cut dividend. looks crazy…


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it was mostly investment spending on online but also a lot of deferred tax payments, hit in 2019. Could be said it is nice since it is decreasing its “debt” but if they were in US there was a chance to get a “trump” elected, who’ll forego the taxes :slight_smile:

Net loss was $146.1 million, resulting in basic net loss per share of $2.96, due not only to the increased investment in marketing, but also a valuation allowance on deferred tax assets in Mexico and Colombia which accounted for $91.5 million and $7.2 million, respectively.

you can see in the report almost every metric is improving, except these bulk payments. But you can see similar effects in previous Q3/Q4 results as well.

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