My Personal Wish List for Trading 212

Keeping this short and concise, features I’d like to see added to Trading 212…

  • After hours and pre-market trading
  • Trailing Stop Loss by % (options on when to use in AH/PM)
  • Copy trader / friend
  • US and EURO wallets instead of ‘on-the-fly’ exchange rate. Makes no sense converting in and out of $£€ if we only choose to trade on US market
  • Allow ISA and INVEST to be visible at the same time (probably web only) or quick switching on mobile app
  • Option to switch on Options, Calls etc
  • Free text TAG each ticker/symbol in our portfolio so we can label these and sort/group/filter by them
  • Clear all notifications button
  • Show my default chart settings for new stocks

Nice to haves…

  • Export ‘trades to-date’ not having to wait until month end email
  • Web beta version, allow multiple charts
  • Web beta version, allow sell/buy popup to move



I would say, with Trading 212s user friendly interface, allowing options trading would absolutely make it a favourite among traders.

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