Dividends Not Being Paid

I have one share of Parker Hannifin $PH and its dividend pay date was Friday 5th June 2020 (ex-dividend date was 7th May 2020 and I bought the share 4th May 2020). I still have not been paid the dividend. I don’t know if this is a problem with Trading212 or with Parker Hannifin but was wondering why this is?
If anyone else has had this or have actually been paid this dividend then please let me know!

Usualy dividents due to be paid before a weekend are scheduled to arive in 2-3 days next week(bussiness days) you should receive it in the upcoming days by the end of this week :raised_hand:

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Thank you!

I’ll keep an eye on it!

Yeah, Trading212 usually deposits dividends (at least in my experience) on whenever the pay date is + 1 business day. Occasionally it takes two days (specially if pay dates are on Friday, so it arrives on Tuesday - which seems to be your case).

But as a disclaimer it can take up to 5 days I think.

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I got PH as well, div will land sooner or later :beers: