Natural Gas, fuel of the future?

Do you - like Vaclav Smil - believe that gas is going to be the fuel of the 21th century ? Should you invest ?

[For those who don’t know V. Smil, he is Bill Gate’s favorite author for everything related to energy. Have read a couple of his books, not the one I linked to though.]

Nope. Most countries are phasing out natural gas because of reduction of emissions. Natural gas is just as fossil fuels a fuel with emissions.


Yes, alot of people forget that apart from using it for fuel directly, natural gas is the cheapest primary source to produce hydrogen. :slight_smile:

Natural gas is the middle ground (less harmful than others) between fossil fuels and green energy, it’s consumption is forecasted to rise…

That’s what I thought too. Deutsche Bank prospective division (can’t remember their name now) was commenting on that in a recent report, stating that if Europe wanted to go full hydrogen (that seems to be the plan), then industries would have to go through a “blue hydrogen” phase before “green hydrogen” is available.


For how long though? It’s just a temporarily increased demand over a couple of years, I would argue.

So many industries and data centers can profit from hydrogen as fuel.

I just dont see a future of hydrogen cars, short and midterm simply not profitable. Trucks running on hydrogen makes sense though

Trains and planes would also work from hydrogen. Just think it would be like a plane taking a piss as it took off.


Or it would be like the zeppelin and one huge giant fireball :joy: