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Best Aus miner is Newcrest - if T212 ever manage to get the Aus exchange onto their platform, they’d be a welcome addition.


They SURE would!!

I think they are missing a trick with AU as the mining and mineral industry is so vast, always has been and I believe always will be. Take lightening ridge and copper pedy - huge opal mines.

As tech advances they’ll be able to mine in the most hospitable of places (water supply is a huge factor “So I overheard on the grapevine”) funny what you pick up travelling whilst working in the outback and eaves dropping :rofl: I said it back then and I say it now “I wanna invest in AU mines”

Aren’t Newcrest operating it under a farm in agreement with Greatlands gold?

Nothing on T212 has got me this excited.


Yeah Newcrest are drilling Havieron for GGP (9 rigs now). They’re both really excited about this project and the drilling results have been eye-wateringly high every time. Newcrest are looking the Havieron to keep their Telfer site alive.


Wow they seem to be doing some really good work. Figures and money aside I think it’s so important to invest in things you believe in. I’ve bought into stocks I’ve had zero passion for and felt the burden of watching them. Sold them and moved on. I’ve got to be genuinely excited in a company which then drives me to learn what they stand for.
These look to do good work.
You believe in them?

They’ve had such a huge drop in share price (money and figures back on side)

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Airtel Africa, Jumia premier African minerals all speculative plays but could be very good growth as the emerging countries become more solid! But speculating! I like material stocks to like lithium, uranium etc

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I’m going to knuckle down and do some more research on them tonight.

Just read an article on mining maven - the elephant in the room - how big could they actually be!

Very interesting stuff, glad I clicked on this thread today :ok_hand:t2:


@Donald_Duck have you found much info on Bushveld? I can’t find much on My normal websites?

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@rafraser, here is @Donald_Duck’s summary of Bushveld :smiley::

Enjoy! :wink:


Thank you!

On share cast theres a little info…

Bushveld also have a fan site (I shit you not.)


Just been reading the fan page - wow talk about passion. It’s actually a really good looking website too. Who knew! Interesting. They’re swaying me!

Took my first step into AIM naive gambler or rainbow chaser, time will tell.

Got my recommendations on this thread so I’ll blame you all if it goes wrong (JOKES) I’ve done research and believe in the two I’ve chosen.

I kinda like this type of investing, i wouldn’t switch my whole approach but to invest in a few with passion feels good. Let’s wait and see (and check the news each hour!)


Although the fan page went quiet in 2018. Wonder where all the fans went :woman_shrugging:t2:

Have they returned since?

No. A $0.13 > $1300, Its simple Robin Hood users following Davey will buy more of the shares as it has more room to rise and less room to fall.

Wonder why these have dropped so much today?

I’m not worried as I genuinely feel good things from this Bingley based company but curious as to why the drop…I’ve searched only good stories.


I’ve bought into Powerhouse for longterm. Everytime it dips to low 3p I buy in.

Definitely one to watch in the future.


I believe in them too!

So much so that I just emailed the CEO and had a great reply from him.

They have a AGM at the end of next month and if shareholders have any questions then you’re free to ask.

Weird isn’t it when you get a good feeling on something? They really do stand for great things. Everything I’m about really. That’s why I invested.

He said it was hard liaising with the government as they tend to listen to large companies and they are still very much in their infancy.

Genuinely sounds like a decent CEO.

I wished them luck and let’s see where it goes :crossed_fingers:t2:


Good day for powerhouse - can’t believe I’m in the green! (It wont last but what a lovely sight to behold!) quite got used to seeing the old red numbers.
Sure they’ll be back tomorrow.


I just invested in this, I think it has great potential but I’m also only in 4 pound for 100 shares so won’t cry if it doesn’t work out.

Any other penny stocks out there worth looking into? :face_with_monocle: