New Exchanges added in 2021

Happy New Year @David @Tony.V @George and @Team212

I know there were plans to add a number of new Exchanges last year, that may have been waylaid by COVID and/or any number of IBKR server outages, meaning a spike in complaints and account fixes.

Would it be possible to get an idea - similar to the expectations set with regards to the whopping numbers of new stocks that were added in Q4 last year - as to what exchanges are being prioritised this year and a worst case expectation as to the delivery of these please?

Many thanks



that would be great! At least a timeline would be nice

+1! Waiting on new exchanges :ok_hand: and then missing stock collection dump on Christmas as promised…

@Joey_Fantana Happy New Year.

The priority switched from adding multiple exchanges to covering as many instruments as possible from the existing ones.
For now, we’d like to finish adding everything we can from the existing exchanges & making them available in fractional shares. Once that’s done, hopefully in the next month or so, we’ll examine the possibility of adding new exchanges around the end of Q1.
The exchanges that’ll be added the soonest are ones without specific regulatory or transaction fees like stamp duties, transaction taxes, etc…
Examples: Belgium, Vienna & other smaller :eu: exchanges.


Great mate - thanks for the update. I’m sure there were a lot of call outs for Warsaw and the Portuguese exchanges too, so hopefully they sit in that bucket. Cheers!


Oi, Oi!

Don’t forget the mighty Croatian exchange. :laughing:


Also not forgetting Asian/Pacific exchanges! CA also :ok_hand:


Sounds like Asia/Pac might be a bit more of a wait.

România is now on emerging market, Croatia should wait its place.

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I am only kidding.
Poland is huge compared to Romania

Damn, frontier. Sounds like we are exotic even for 3rd world country. :laughing:

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The crowd urges for Brazil :brazil: :moneybag:


They could put more money in Croatia or Romania but I think to much volatility from politics and infrastructure not very good in the east…

Honestly I would love Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Australia



Fantastic image! That explains a lot!


Does that mean Denmark is out of the question, I think they have about 50% tax

I mean try to find Romania or Croatia on the map they are non existent what they trade in 2 min at NYse they trade in a full day in Romania.

I have not fact checked this but its a nice anecdote to use.

Canada! Miners, Oil, legal Marijuana industry, crypto miners please!